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Inspired through a conversation with a friend, I created Natosports to educate people and raise awareness about the sport of running to others. May you find the information on this website useful for your athletic nature, and I hope that you pay it forward to help others as well.

Products from Natosports

Should you have the time to visit the Shop section, we carry 100% permanent moisture wicking fabric in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics. The products listed on my store are made of fine quality, micro-smoothing, recycled materials. This is the fabric that offers a soft, t-shirt like feel that the organizers wanted yet provides the same wicking performance of traditional poly shirts. This winning combination makes the shirt much more than a piece of athletic apparel. Whether you are outfitting participants in walking, running, cycling, triathlons or any other event, our tech shirts and jerseys provide comfort, moisture management and durability. It is so versatile and stylish that it can be worn as casual-wear as well.

Natosports is also on Amazon and eBay. For any questions in regards to bulk order or sales, please contact:

Happy running!

Nathan at Natosports